Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • The GFX Hepco Guidance System for Beckhoff XTS (eXtended Transport System), which utilises Hepco’s PRT2 and 1-Trak guidance systems to work with Beckhoff’s XTS circuit linear system – to meet the need ...
  • Connect your shafts with Mayr backlash free shaft couplings to ensure safe and reliable torque transmission and optimum bearing life in mating components. 

  • Prevent injury or damage by adding a Mayr ROBA-stop brake system to your rotary or linear axis.  

  • Save money and reduce downtime by fitting a Mayr torque limiting clutch.

  • The MCC Shown was built for a river abstraction site within Wales
  • Hygienic Design, Wall Mounted Enclosure

  • Combinable, single door, aluminium floor standing outdoor enclosure

  • Stainless steel compact version, double door enclosure

  • Thermostat

  • Hygrostat