Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • Male Insert / 290213010

  • Male Insert (1-24) / 29025 - 24 Poles 16 A

  • Hood With Male Insert / 403017

  • Housing With Male Insert (Surface Mounting / Two Entries) / 403088S

  • Hood With Male Insert (Side Entry) / 403541

  • Housing With Female Insert (Surface Mounting / Two Entries / Single Latch With Cover) / 403714S

  • Hood With Female Insert (Side Entry With Latch & Seal) / 403025S

  • Multipole connectors for industrial purposes are used in electric and
    electronic machinery, robots, electric panels, control equipments and
    wherever connections are required for power, controland signal circuits.
    The connectors are designed for heavy duty industrial applications and
    are suitable for use with alternate or direct current and facilitate the
    manufacture, installation and maintenance of sectional electric part in
    complex machinery in conformance with European and US Standards.


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