Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • Slip rings from Servotecnica are also known as electric rotary joints. These EU-made slip rings have superb quality and competitive pricing. The full ranges include communication, optical fibre and pneumatic rotary joints with the features of Fieldbus, EtherNet, EtherCAT, Profinet, Sercos, Powerlink & CANbus functions. Bespoke service is also available. Our slip rings ensure continuous rotation and prevents the electrical conductors being stressed by mechanical torsion. 

  • Motion Control Products Ltd introduced the world’s smallest servo drive to the UK market. The Everest XCR is manufactured in Spain by Ingenia, who provide state-of-the-art motion control technology that can be tailored to the specific needs of each application. With the current up to 60A and up to 80vdc inputs, Everest XCR high-powered servo drive can offer the power up to 5kW.

  • Being a UK business partner of Bogen Electronic, Motion Control Products Ltd. introduces this German branded magnetic encoders (magnetic sensing heads and scales) for length, rotary and angle measurement systems. 

  • Four new series of high force electric linear actuators, for use in standard industrial applications as well as cleanroom environments, have been introduced by Motion Control Products Ltd. Either belt or ball-screw driven, they are available and configurable to a wide range of stroke lengths and motor mounts for many types and sizes.

  • As the official UK & Ireland distributor of Schneider Electric Motion USA, Motion Control Products Ltd offers the upgraded version of Lexium® MDrive integrated motors, which is a range of stepper motors (NEMA size 17, 23 and 34) integrated with built-in electronics, delivering a large range of features to small spaces. Those features include IP65 rating and with industrial M12 connectors, which provide a robust interface for protection against water and dust in harsher environments. 

  • Motion Control Products Ltd. introduces compact high torque motors with integral strain-wave (harmonic) gearbox.

    Offering high levels of torque and precision, the latest torque motors have an integral strain wave (harmonic) gearbox. With high efficiencies and compact sizes, they are available in four series: MAS, MAT, MAH and MGM.

  • Motion Control Products Ltd has introduced our new FlexPro™ drive series digital servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls USA, which is designed specifically for high power density in tight spaces with the innovative IMPACT™ architecture.

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