BIS V Multi-Frequency processor with USB and TCP/IP communication

29 Mar 2018 Balluff Limited

Balluff is happy to introduce the BIS V Multi-Frequency processor with USB and TCP/IP communication. This flexible RFID processor can accept Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) readers and antennae. The processor is ideal for PC and server-based applications where RFID data is collected over an IT infrastructure opposed to an industrial network. While the BIS V product line has been capable of communicating over all major control networks including Ethernet/IP and Profinet for some time, this PC-based processor completes the line of RFID processors designed for high speed applications.

The development and launch of this new reader is in response to feedback from our customers who prefer or are required to operate over a TCP/IP network. "Machine tool identification is one specific application where the new BIS V will be utilized, but realistically we have a significant number of customers who prefer to communicate over TCP/IP for general traceability applications like work in process or pallet ID" said Wolfgang Kratzenberg, Marketing Manager for RFID and Vision at Balluff.

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