Exhibitor News

Exhibitor News

  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) expert EPLAN will be exhibiting alongside enclosure specialist Rittal and components manufacturer Phoenix Contact at this year’s Drives and Controls show, which is being held at the NEC in Birmingham from the 21-23 April. The companies will be on Stand D610 and will be jointly presenting the benefits of a virtuous value chain.

  • Woolston WwTW

    12 Feb 2020 Paul Taylor

    In delivering the above project MCS undertook the following:

    • Project Management
    • Design and manufacture of the Intelligent MCCs and LCPs as follows:
      • Enabling Works MCCs and LCPs:
        • Inlet FFT MCC
        • Sludge MCC
        • RAS MCC
        • Storm Lift Pump LCP
        • Telemetry LCP 
      • Main Works LVDB, MCCs and LCPs:
        • Low Voltage Switch Board
        • Primary Treatment MCC
        • Inlet Screens MCC
        • Secondary Treatment ASP MCC
        • Secondary Treatment MBR MCC
        • Sludge Treatment MCC
        • Inlet Screening Handling LCP
        • 3 off Lamella Tank Scraper/Skimmer LCPs
        • Polymer Preparation LCP
        • 4 off Sealed Cake Container LCP
        • Design and production of PLC Ladder logic
    • Design and configuration of Wonderware SCADA software and hardware
    • Design of the site Instrumentation Network
    • Design of the site network architecture
    • Process commissioning
    • Commissioning the Control System
    • Production of all documentation and calculations

    Onsite customer training and support

  • 1500 Series Universal Smart Enclosure – engineered excellence in a box!

  • Weidmuller's innovative latch-in bus system consists of two different busbar connectors with spring contacts. They enable a fast, tool-free connection of individual modules in addition to the connecti ...
  • Weidmüller PROtop power supplies

    11 Feb 2020 Peter Croucher

    Thanks to the latest DCL technology (DCL = dynamic current limiting), PROtop provides a very good dynamic range for the reliable triggering of circuit breakers and powerful motor starts. High efficiency and a long service life saves energy and cost. A significant increase in system availability is achieved via the creation of redundancies (n+1 redundancy), a parallel connection of power supplies with diodes or redundancy module. The integrated O-ring MOSFET technology from PROtop enables the direct parallel switching of power supplies, by the simultaneous reduction of power loss. Traditional diodes or redundancy modules no longer need to be incorporated. The plug-on module transforms PROtop into a communication-capable power supply. This creates new opportunities to make system operation faster, more flexible and more efficient. In short, PROtop is future-proof. The potential of Industry 4.0 is hence fully exploited.

  • Introduction to Groov Rio

    10 Feb 2020 Dan Keenan

    groov RIO - remote I/O for the IIoT

  • nVent HOFFMA​N and Eldon have joined forces. Together, we are showcasing a new vision for the future of our business – sparking better solutions for our local and global customers and partners​.​

  • Linn - Inductive heated lab furnace

    29 Jan 2020 Richard Schembri

    Linn, a specialist in industrial furnaces, needed to setup an induction for melting tests on several metals (from platinum to iron). Induction furnaces are electrical furnaces in which the heat is applied by induction heating of metal.  The advantage of an induction furnace is a clean, energy-efficient and well-controllable melting process compared to most other means of metal melting.

  • Weidmuller u-link Remote Access Service

    27 Jan 2020 Nick Rhodes
    Weidmuller's u-link guarantees a quick and secure access to machines and plants while also allowing for efficient management of production plants, user clients, access rights or firmware versions. The ...
  • Motion Control Products Ltd has introduced our new FlexPro™ drive series digital servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls USA, which is designed specifically for high power density in tight spaces with the innovative IMPACT™ architecture. This tiny drive runs on 10-55 volts DC, communicates over EtherCAT and supports incremental encoder and BISS C-Mode feedback. The Flexpro drive offers 3 different current ratings of 5A, 10A and 25A, with the peak currents of 10amps, 20 amps and 50 amps respectively.

  • Electric Motors Online are proud to anounce our new partnership with Wittenstein. 

  • When systems grow to a size where the count of signals is too great for the cabinet, Weidmuller's UR67 provides an I/O and fieldbus solution for the collection of local signals.

  • The Weidmuller UR20 din rail mounted I/O solution focuses purely on user benefits ie. tailored planning, faster installation, safer start-up and no more downtime - resulting in improved performance and greater productivity.

  • As of January 14, 2020, all activities of British company Pro Servo Ltd have been taken over by UNIS Group. Pro Servo has been a reliable partner for many small, medium and large production companies ...
  • MTK+ Bearing Factory are proud to announce they will be exhibiting at this years Drives and Controls. The stand will be managed by Director Gokhan Ozcan and Pete Brayshaw, Sales Manager UK & Ireland. ...
  • For engineers looking for a more cost-effective and better performing replacement for an AC motor but who don’t require a high specification Servo Drive, STOBER’s LeanMotor is the ideal solution.


  • Created in partnership with safety experts Pilz, STOBER’s new, integrated system maximises the safety, efficiency and flexibility of your automated manufacturing plant.  After a safety stop, getting y ...
  • A new two-speed gearbox with SensorShift digital shift control for machine tools from STOBER is an innovative high-resolution magnetic sensor that precisely records the position of the selector teeth as they merge when shifting gears, which momentarily reduces the velocity to ensure smooth meshing.

  • Designers and engineers can now grab pocket-sized booklet for an easy-to-use guide to STOBER's most important components and application combinations.

  • In cooperation with Pilz-Safe Automation, leading international power transmission and motion control specialists, STOBER, has designed the SE6 safety module for their outstanding SD6 drive controller.

  • The online Configurator Tool from STOBER enables Motion Control and Power Transmission drive designers and engineers to create their own drive specification in real time.

  • A brief history of STOBER

    14 Jan 2020 Martin Preece

    Over 75 years of Innovation in Power Transmissions and Motion Control! Where would you like us to email your copy to?

  • STOBER has developed the third generation of servo geared motors, which are the most compact and versatile drive solutions on the market in their power range.

  • Leicht Stanzautomation, designer and manufacturer of systems for winding and unwinding strips and wires, has specified STOBER’s SI6 series drive controllers for the latest generation of their automated multiple winders.