Exhibitor News

Exhibitor News

  • Gefran Melt Pressure Transducers

    10 Jan 2020 Richard Schembri

    Gefran Melt Pressure Transducers

    EXTENSIMETRIC TECHNOLOGY with filling fluid

    The operating principle is based on hydraulic transmission of pressure by means of filling fluids with low coefficient of compressibility: mercury (M series available only where permitted by the European Directive 2011/65/UE RoHS II), FDA-approved diathermic oil (W series), and sodium-potassium NaK mix (K series).

    Therefore, the entire structure is built to transfer the pressure exerted by the medium on the contact diaphragm to the transduction part, i.e., measurement diaphragm with the strain gauge, keeping it away from the heat source. The strain gauge then transduces the physical pressure quantity into an electrical signal.

    PIEZORESISTIVE TECHNOLOGY entirely fluid free

    Innovative IMPACT sensors (I series) are pressure transmitters without transmission fluid: medium pressure is transferred directly to the silicon sensitive element by means of a thick diaphragm.

    Physical stress is transduced by a Wheatstone bridge with 4 piezoresistors. Gefran’s IMPACT series, with proprietary technology, provides:

    - High strength (up to 35 times stronger that traditional sensors)

    - High response speed

    - Extremely easy installation thanks to a modular sensor

    - High safety standards (conformity to Machinery Directives and RoHS)


    GEFRAN Melt sensors are pressure/temperature transducers and transmitters that measure Melt medium pressure in high temperature environments (up to 538°C).

    Melt pressure can be measured in four main process temperature ranges: up to 351 Deg C, up to 350 Deg C, up to 400 Deg C and up to 538 Deg C. 



    The rupture disc (also known as a bursting disc), is a mechanical device that fails at a predetermined pressure.

    Installed on the extruder, it prevents dangerous and sudden pressure increases in the machine and releases pressure by rupturing. ±0.5% accuracy and a wide pressure range make the GRD a valid addition to traditional control devices, especially in emergency conditions where immediate intervention is required.


    The TS3 simulates the output of a Gefran mV/V melt pressure transducer (M3, W3, K3 series) at various pressure levels.

    It also simulates any strain-gauge transducer, and is available in a 6 pin (TS36) or 8 pin (TS38) version.


    6 and 8-pin extension cables with length up to 30 metres, for non-amplified and digital output.

    Available from Electric Motors Online Tel +44 (0) 2476 980833

    Email sales@electric-motors.online

    Web www.electric-motors.online




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  • UL Listed Transformers

    21 Nov 2019 Tony Harper

    ETE is UL certified and, as such, can design and manufacture UL Listed transformers from, 25VA to 5kVA, to your exact specifications and requirements.

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  • ETE at Drives & Controls 2020

    13 Nov 2019 Tony Harper

    ETE will once again be exhibiting at the Drives & Controls exhibition, which is taking place from Tuesday 21st April to Thursday 23rd April 2020.