Press Releases

Press Releases

  • Compact and Robust Geared Motors for Wiper Systems

    05 Mar 2018 Parvalux Electric Motors Ltd

    Parvalux has introduced an innovative new windscreen wiper motor which has been developed as an ideal solution for large wiper system applications.

  • RFID for Asset Managment

    02 Mar 2018 HellermannTyton

    HellermannTyton is showcasing how bespoke product identification solutions can help plant managers to track assets effectively, on Stand P358 at Plant & Asset Management 2018.


    Experts from HellermannTyton will be on the stand to discuss visitors’ projects and will demonstrate the effective use of RFID and other methods of product identification.


    RFID offers lots of time, cost and productivity-related benefits for industry.  It can add real value in asset tracking, testing and inspection, by providing a full audit trail of who has used the equipment. This offers greater accountability, helping to identify any instances of theft, or mishandling that leads to equipment breakages.


    RFID also allows users to extract relevant data by simply scanning the tag and uploading to a database. This approach is significantly less labour and time intensive than collecting data manually, as well as being far more accurate.

  • Modular, high-speed, high-powered motor-generators for challenging industrial applications. 1st March, 2018. Dynamic Boosting Systems Ltd (Dynamic) is pleased to announce availability of its specialis ...
  • The M12 connectors for assembly from Phoenix Contact have now been equipped with push-in connection technology. 

  • Narrow bus couplers for compact I/O stations

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    The modular Inline I/O system product range from Phoenix Contact has now been extended with two new bus couplers

  • Mobile thermal transfer printers

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    The Thermomark Prime card printer and the Thermofox handheld printer for material off the roll from Phoenix Contact are suitable for stationary use as well as mobile on-site marking

  • Reliable isolation from the field to the network

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    The Mini Analog Pro signal conditioners from Phoenix Contact, featuring bus and network connection combine the benefits of safe electrical isolation with those of digital communication. 

  • PCB terminal blocks for Profinet

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    Phoenix Contact is now offering the first PCB terminal block for Profinet-compliant data transmission. 

  • Push-in contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    The PT-TWIN contact inserts from Phoenix Contact complete the range of PT push-in contact inserts with push-in for heavy-duty connectors 

  • New voltage versions for reliable power supply

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    The new voltage versions of the Trio Power power supply range from Phoenix Contact provide a reliable supply for your loads, even under harsh ambient conditions

  • Electronics housings for Raspberry Pi

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    Phoenix Contact is introducing a new housing for Raspberry Pi minicomputers to the market. 

  • Hybrid motor starters for I/O-Link

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    Phoenix Contact has added network-capable versions with I/O-Link interface to the Contactron hybrid motor starters product range

  • Force-guided coupling relay module

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    Phoenix Contact's Rifline industrial relay system product range now includes a new force-guided coupling relay module with 24 V DC coil voltage.

  • The entire range of ACM2n AC servo motors is now available from Motor Technology. This includes the full catalogue range of products previously offered, with exactly the same electrical and mechanical specifications, dimensions and options.

  • The PC Worx Engineer modular software platform

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    With PC Worx Engineer, Phoenix Contact is giving you the option of a cost-free engineering platform all tasks related to configuration, programming, diagnostics, and visualisation of automation applications.

  • Space-saving surge protection

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    With the Termitrab complete product range, Phoenix Contact now offers the narrowest surge protective devices on the market.

  • Secure communication for all branches

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    Phoenix Contact offers a broad spectrum of communication solutions for numerous industries and applications that meet this standard.

  • WLAN solution for machine building

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    The WLAN 1100 wireless module from Phoenix Contact combines Access Point and antenna technology in just one device. 

  • Universal relays with bipolarity

    28 Feb 2018 Phoenix Contact Limited

    The product range of industrial relay systems from Phoenix Contact has been extended to include new relays with bipolarity. 

  • Yodel Lichfield Depot PLC update

    27 Feb 2018 MCS Control Systems Ltd

    Project Description:  A business critical  M340 PLC needed replacing at Yodel’s Lichfield Depot. The replacement was required urgently to ensure the Depot was running with the New PLC before the Christmas peak period.


  • Sidewall Printer Update

    27 Feb 2018 MCS Control Systems Ltd

    Project Description:  As part of an expansion programme, Huhtamaki needed increased production  at  their Gosport plant for producing food packaging.  A Sidewall Printing machine was a critical part of this expansion, and a suitable used machine was identified and purchased. However, as the machine was imported, the electrical, control, and safety systems of the machine needed reviewing and updating to meet the plant Health and Safety Standards.

  • Many cable crimping applications throughout the industry are conducted using manual ratchet tools or hand hydraulic tools. Depending on the number of operations conducted each day and the hand force required to close the handles of the tool, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) can result.

  • Small drives for machines and equipment are typically powered up to 9.0 A, and are protected by conventional motor circuit breakers. However, when space in the enclosure is limited, it is very difficult to find room for significant numbers of protective components.

  • New Catalogue Coming Soon...

    22 Feb 2018 Eastern Transformers & Equipment Ltd

    Our 2018 electrical power products catalogue is due to be released next month and is bigger than ever!

    The catalogue covers our complete collection of transformers & wound components, power electronics, thermal management products, and accessories and is our most comprehensive to date at 132 pages.

    Our latest instalment has seen numerous products additions with many fresh ranges included. Look out for our new portable site transformers for heating, lighting, and general applications; custom-built transformers to 3.15MVA, and heating and cooling thermostats, to name just a few.