Press Releases

Press Releases

  • New Portable Site Transformer Range Out Now

    22 Feb 2018 Eastern Transformers & Equipment Ltd

    Our new portable site transformer range is out now featuring over 25 models available from stock from 3kVA to 30kVA continuously rated. The units within this series are suitable for a number of 110V applications including heating and lighting with 1 hour tool ratings from 4kVA to 35kVA. Input voltages are either 240V or 415V with 1ph, 2ph, and 3ph types. Various socket (up to 12) and cable gland (up to 4) options are available with all models designed and manufactured in the UK by ETE.

  • KEB's S6 Servo Drive Not just for servos

    21 Feb 2018 KEB (UK) Limited

    KEB's New S6 Drive not only offers the usual expected servo drive functionality but can drive a range of motor technologies, with and without feedback in speed, position oir torque control.

    The new safety card module provides upto 15 safety functions for drive and motor control using a Safety PLC and FSoE.

    With both drive and safety setup via software wizards on KEB's CombiVIS, reduced development time and increased functionality can be achieved by KEB customers.

  • KEB's New F6 drive still offers the ability to run various motor technologies, not just asynchronous but also  SMPM, IPM, High Torque, High Speed or synchronous reluctance motors but with new processors, selectable Real time fieldbuses and full FSoE it offers increased solutions to customers applications.

    With both the drive and FSoE set up available via a software Wizard coupled with the growing online librairies it enables development time to be reduced.

  • KEB's New Safety PLC & IO

    21 Feb 2018 KEB (UK) Limited

    KEB's New Safety PLC and IO range provide FSoE for a system.

    Set up using KEB's COMBIVIS Studio 6, where there is a software wizard to assist, it can be used in machine ultising EtherCAT.

    When used with KEB Drives and safety modules there are 15 safety functions available for the drive and motor control plus any number Safety IO's can be incorportated into the system.

    Thsi gives customer a cost effective, certiffied safety system that is flexaible and scalable for their growing appliaction demands

  • Ket-Bee 200X series

    19 Feb 2018 SD Products LTD

    Ketterer introduces a new series of angular gears onto the market with the Ket-Bee 200X series, available now from SD Products. High-performing mechanics within the smallest possible installation space, plus easy power transmission, an extended service life cycle and a positive price-performance ratio are the stand-out features of this new series.

  • Charter Controls at Drives and Controls 2018

    15 Feb 2018 Charter Controls

    With many new suppliers and even more products to show, we thought what better way to do that than at the UK's largest electrical engineering exhibition.

    We have two stands next to each other and representatives from our suppliers all over the world coming to talk about their products which will be on display.

  • The all new Economical ballscrew drive with integrated ball return channels, will be on display on our stand D500 at the Drives & Controls show. 

    The NEW type F has significant price advantages that have been made possible through the most efficient nut production and economical spindle production in the cold rolling process that’s not been seen before from Eichenberger Gewinde yet at the same time offering the highest performance you’d expect from a Swiss made ballscrew.

  • On display in the UK for the first time, these high performance EtherCAT®-based controllers and multi-axis drives enable the use of various motor types that can be conveniently integrated into a wide variety of high-end and demanding automation applications.

    PI will be exhibiting a range of products from the ACS portfolio, including the latest NanoPWM™ amplifiers – offering linear amplifier performance with the power, robustness and cost-effectiveness of a PWM drive – and the LCM laser control module, which allows laser source operation to be synchronised to motion profiles. Alongside, visitors will be able to see the SPiiPlusES drive node, which enables the addition of more capable motion control to existing EtherCAT automation solutions. Also on the stand will be the innovative motion control solution for laser scribing – a collaborative development between PI, ACS Motion Control and SCANLAB – combining a high speed laser galvanometer scanner with servo-driven stages to offer fast, flexible and precise laser machining, eliminating stitching errors and increasing throughput.

  • The need for traceability has never been higher. Gone are the days when it was driven and executed by the largest companies. These days, traceability demands are driven by industries and are driven down the supply chain, meaning relatively small companies are requested to comply

  • CAE solution specialist EPLAN will be showcasing the benefits of EPLAN Cogineer, their new configuration-based software package at the 2018 Drives and Controls show. The show takes place from 10th to 12th April, 2018 at Birmingham’s NEC. Visitors to the EPLAN stand D712 will also have the opportunity to meet with EPLAN partners, including Weidmüller and Festo.

  • Drives & Controls 2018 Stand No: D757 Interroll presents greater efficiency, greater power and new platform in drive solutions   Kettering, Northamptonshire, 26.01.2018. Interroll, the world’s leading ...
  • Global joining solutions provider MTI Welding has collaborated with technology company HMK, the Siemens motion partner, to pioneer the development of a double axle friction welding machine worth in ex ...
  • Control technology solutions from Siemens have been specified on a new range of cutting-edge coating machines forming part of a new market-leading modular production platform. The platform has been cr ...
  • Project Description: A business critical M340 PLC needed replacing at Yodel’s Lichfield Depot. The replacement was required urgently to ensure the Depot was running with the New PLC before the Christm ...
  • Project Description: As part of an expansion programme, Huhtamaki needed increased production at their Gosport plant for producing food packaging. A Sidewall Printing machine was a critical part of th ...
  • Project Description: MCS Control Systems was contracted by Magna Intier Automotive to design and install an automated air blow down system on their X250 machines which assemble door interiors for Jagu ...
  • SLED series LED Floodlights

    26 Jan 2018 CORTEM S.P.A
    SLED series floodlights with LED technology combine lightweight, compact design, high performance in terms of reliability, safety, efficiency and energy saving. They are characterized by LEDs with opt ...

    26 Jan 2018 Universal Robot A/S

    Is ultimate automation inadvertently bringing back the human touch to manufacturing?

    Conceived at Siemens and formalized by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the notion of “Industry 4.0” continues to gain currency around the world. At its core, Industry 4.0 refers to factories that have digitized their physical technologies so plants and equipment can communicate with each other over the internet. The specific technologies vary from industry to industry, but they frequently include networked machinery, control systems, logistics setups, robots, 3D printers and autonomous vehicles. The point of all this interconnectivity is machine-to-machine communication that enables an unprecedented degree of automation and operational independence – hence the “smart factory” moniker often applied to Industry 4.0 environments.

  • EVL series LED lighting fixtures

    26 Jan 2018 CORTEM S.P.A
    The LED lighting fixtures EVL series has been developed with the aim of redefining the concepts of compactness, versatility and ease of installation thanks to the new LED lighting system "COB" (ChipOn ...
  • Ex Panel Boards

    26 Jan 2018 CORTEM S.P.A
    Cortem Group designs and manufactures special products such as electrical panels for lighting, distribution, signalling, motive power, motor control valves systems and panel boards according to custom ...
  • EJB series junction boxes

    26 Jan 2018 CORTEM S.P.A
    EJB series junction boxes are suitable for installation in any areas of a plant where there is a risk of explosion and/or classified as Zone 1, 2, 21, 22. The quality of this product is recognized and ...
  • Sure, cobots are lightweight: the largest UR10 robot is under 29 kg/64 lbs, so they’re easy to pick up and move from one process to another. But they’re no lightweights when it comes to heavy-duty processes like welding. In fact, there’s already a range of cobot welding systems to choose from. Surprised? Don’t be. It’s just one more smart application for these flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-program automation tools.

    The flexibility and ease-of-programming of cobot-based welding systems make them especially well-suited for low-volume/high-mix environments, as well as custom or small-template welding processes. But with high accuracy and repeatability, these systems can also handle long runs with consistent quality. Welding tasks can be programmed in as little as half-an-hour by workers who have no previous experience, and programs can be saved and reused, saving the expense of trained robot programmers. Lightweight cobot welders can be mounted on tabletops, hung from ceilings, or installed into existing welding booths, offering more flexibility than manual welders or traditional fixed robots. Several companies have already announced cobot welding systems.

  • Hearing aid device manufacturer Oticon required a more flexible robot to handle the tiny hearing device components in its production. The company had been using robot technology for the past 10 years. But, as the minute components became increasingly smaller in order to make the hearing aids more comfortable, the existing two- and three-axes robots used in manufacturing were no longer suitable. They could not perform the required lateral and vertical movements sufficiently. If for instance a small part is stuck in a mould, the robot should be dexterous enough to tip it out.

    Intuitive user guidance and the precision of the Universal Robots, were the features that convinced Oticon. Also, rapid advances in medical engineering have resulted in constantly changing production processes and a broader range of hearing aid models that require a flexible robot handling smaller batch sizes. Small components such as wax filters are barely a millimetre in size. 

  • Having worked in industry for 10 years, Jesper Larsen decided to go it alone.  In April 2016, he set up Vivo Production, invested in two CNC machines and single-handedly established a very successful subcontracting business.  Output ranged from batch production through to prototypes, typically for the wind power and offshore industries.

    As his reputation grew, so did his order intake. Jesper Larsen began to struggle keeping pace with demand. The purchase of another CNC machine was already planned so he wanted to avoid the cost of bringing more people into the business, at least in the short term. The helping-hand he chose instead was a Universal Robot UR10.