Exhibitor Videos

Exhibitor Videos

  • Han-Eco®

    28 Jan 2022 Mark Rushton
    Han-Eco® is a series of hoods and housings made from high-performance plastic. The range complies with standards IEC 61948 and EN 45545-2 and offers IP65 protection and substantial weight savings.
  • Alusic Carbon Profiles & Extrusion

    10 Jan 2022 Motion Control Products Ltd.
    Alusic CarboSix range profile is the only carbon structural profile in the world with a complete range of components and assembly accessories to build extracly the structure that our customers require
  • Magnet-free Track Linear Motor MMF

    04 Jan 2022 Motion Control Products Ltd.
    Check out our innovative MMF series magnet-free track linear motor! Contact us for more information regarding this neat product at enquiries@motioncontrolproducts.com 
  • Our switch rated socket-outlet, the DECONTACTOR™, facilitates the motor plugging during maintenance and consignment procedure thanks to the local lockout of the electrical socket. It also respects saf ...
  • MARECHAL ELECTRIC is a family owned company set up in 1952. For more than 65 years, MARECHAL ELECTRIC keeps focusing on one core business: to design & manufacture the safest electrical solutions.
  • The MARECHAL plugs and sockets as well as socket-outlet boxes and junction boxes in this range are meant for use in hazardous areas in compliance with the ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive and as per the IECE ...
  • With the DECONTACTOR™ - a proprietary MARECHAL® technology - you can quickly, easily, and above all safely connect and disconnect equipment from a live power supply up to 250 A and 75 kW, with no need ...
  • Applied Integration Promo Video

    04 Jan 2022 Chloe Williams